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Xenium Property Education

Are you tired of trying to make sense of the minefield of information out there about property? Just want to make your hard-earned money work better for you? Then you need to consider what Xenium can do for you.

What is Xenium?

Xenium is a property buying and transactional program unlike anything you may have seen. By using our Xenium Action Compass, decisions are made on market activities using market cycles. The Compass allows decisions to be made before the general market movements. Getting ahead of the game.

Xenium harnesses the power of a group of likeminded individuals to actively transact in property in markets across Australia and in (almost) any economic cycle.

The Program

The first thing you need to know about the Xenium Program is that it is totally free.

So, what do you get for nothing?    

The Xenium program runs throughout the year on a monthly format providing you with access to our weekly live events, access to the Xenium Vault to view previous events and access to our projects. Each month will be quite different to the previous month but will follow a core format as follows: 

Week 1 – Special Guest (industry expert which changes every month)

Week 2 – Market Update (in this session we will look at the Herron Todd White monthly report and analyse changes from the previous month, look at the areas to consider and examine the general market sentiment around the country)

Week 3 – Property Opportunities (Our Xenium members only opportunities are presented and explained in detail)

Week 4 – Live Q and A (This live Q&A covers all things property as well as any detailed questions related to our current opportunities)

All events are live, and participants can ask questions at any time during the live event.

All events are recorded and posted to the Xenium Vault for future reference.

Xenium is the most complete way for you to engage with property market information and have your questions answered.  

The above is an example of the HTW (Herron Todd White) clock. We simply overlay the HTW clock on XAC (Xenium action compass), the result tells us exactly what we need to be considering in the relevant region.

XAC (Xenium Action Compass) below, is the foundation of the Xenium Philosophy. They say knowledge is power but knowing what to do with that knowledge is critical. XAC provides the direction.